That Leon Sylvers Touch (Ep98)


On this special episode of #JooksiRadio, Fredara and Improv!? give thanks to the man behind such acts as the Whispers, Shalamar, Dynasty, and the Sylvers. Also a mentor to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley, and Dam Funk. You may not know the name, but you for sure know his work. Join us as pay homage to the great producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist Leon Sylvers III!

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NOLA Love (Ep 95)


New Orleans is live as hell and on this week’s episode of #JooksiRadio Improv!? and Fredara are gonna give you a little taste of what makes that city one of the best. We got everything from soul to bounce to jazz.

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Rod Temperton The R&B MVP (Ep 94)


Sometimes you gotta know when to shut up and let the music speak.

This week on #JooksiRadio Improv!? and Fredara are doing just that. Prov cooked up a special mix that will remind you why Rod Temperton is a songwriting genius.

Who is Rod Temperton, you ask?

You already know him, but we’ll let Michael Jackson and nem reintroduce you.

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Hip Hop Jazz (Ep 93)


School’s is back and so is #JooksiRadio!

We’re jammin some of our FAVORITE hip and jazz collaborations. We’re playing everything from Guru to Dianne Reeves.

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