Announcing….Jooksi University!


One of the things I’ve learned to embrace about myself is my love for teaching. I love the discussion, debate, and commentary. Popular music doesn’t have enough of that. So Jooksi University (or #JooksiU) is where we come together and I teach a little bit of Black music background, we listen to some music together, you bring your opinions and we have a damn good time. And just to make sure the good times roll…there’s wine.

The first master class of the summer dives right in and asks the question: WTF is Black Music?!? After all it’s Black music month and there are lots of ways to slice and dice this term. I’m super excited that in the first class we’ll be joined by the preeminent cultural scholar, Greg Tate. If you’re not familiar, Greg Tate wrote for the Village Voice for over twenty years, authored several books (with more on the way), founded the Black Rock Coalition, and is in almost every Black music documentary you’ve seen. So yeah, he’s the perfect person to kick off this series.

So join us a Grind Broadway on June 12th from 7-9pm. Tickets are only $15, so get one for you and one for a friend here.