The Sisterhood Week Special (Ep74)

This week it’s all about the AKAs, Deltas. Zetas, and SG Rhos!!

This week on #JooksiRadio we’re jammin songs made by incredible women who were members of our illustrious Black Greek Sororities. Improv!? and Fredara (reppin that #DST) are playing everyone from Brandy to Aretha to Minnie Riperton to MC Lyte. Plus PLUS. We have some lovely ladies calling into the show to make sure we get to all the way right.

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Saadiq’s Soulful World (Ep73)

You know who has hits for days but we rarely talk about him?

Raphael Saadiq.

This week on #JooksiRadio Improv!? and Fredara are on a mission to change that. Between Tony Toni Tone and the hits he wrote for D’Angelo, Earth,Wind & Fire and other folks, this show coulda been all day.

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Effed Up Love Songs (Ep72)

Ever grooved to a love song until you heard the lyrics then go “oh that’s effed up”? We bet you have lol

Join Fredara and Improv!? as they play some songs that’ll have you scratching your head. Should be fun!

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All Hail Missy (Ep71)

Oh boy! First D’Angelo, then Janet, now the great Missy Elliott is back! What a year, huh? Fredara and Improv!? are paying homage to the multi-talented and womanist artist. Bow your heads and give praise to the one and only Missy Miss!

We also wonder what was on Jimmy Iovine’s mind when he said women have a hard time finding music. Plus we have special guest, Ms. Erika Kennedy of E Sharp Agency (@esharpagency), share some interesting Missy related stories.

Also #Cake

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70 Is The Magic Number (Ep70)

This week on ‪#‎JooksiRadio‬ Improv!? and Fredara are doing the most!

It’s our 70th show and we’ve got lots of extra special birthday shout outs to give PLUS we’re jammin some of the best songs that came out in 1970.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re getting into the news of the day too, everything from the Mizzou protests to ‪#‎PattiPies‬
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JooksiRadio Episode 70 – 70 Is The Magic Number by Jooksiradio on Mixcloud