Valentine’s Day: #TeamOverIt

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and of course we have music to express our innermost feelings about love through song. But to be fair, I wanted to make sure those in or out of love – and in maybe between – had dope to listen.

Side Note: We see you Cupid and all your complicated ways.

Hey, sometimes love feels like the most soulful ballads. Well – *cough* – other times it’s as Marvin Gaye says in song, “but there were those other moments too…”

So I’ve taken the liberty to put together 2 playlists for #teamintoit and #teamoverit. Whichever side you find yourself on this particular day, shuffle and enjoy these tunes in no particular order. You deserve it.

And please don’t forget to share your personal favorites are whether they made our playlists or not.

~Aja (@alwaysaja)

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